Homeopathic Treatments Manufactured To Standards

It does not matter where you stand on the spectrum of strong opinions toward homeopathic medicines, everyone would agree that they should still be manufactured with due care and attention and consistently.

Manufacturing standards ensure that the dosage is consistent, the potency of the product remains the same, and the consumer can be sure that what they buy this month will be the same as the one they bought last month.

Regulatory Body

In America, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the body with controls and monitors manufacturing standards for the homeopathic market. Reputable companies like Numedica supplements have been publishing to their standards since the company started.

The Standard

The FDA stipulated and keeps up to date the Current Good Manufacturing Practice or CGMP standards. These standards are needed because those of us who buy the product cannot tell by any of the means available to us that the product we buy is consistent. The manufacturers can implement tests themselves, but it is the standard which means we can be sure that the product we buy today is the same as the last one.

The CGMP Standards Mean …

The standards control everything from the facility in which manufacturing takes place to the production processes. It is a methodology to ensure machines are properly serviced and calibrated and that processes are reliable.

Numedica supplements

But the FDA does more than state the guidelines, they police them too. The FDA tests all manufacturers looking for the designation and the companies concerned will have gone through extensive work documenting processes and product makeup to ensure consistency and reproducibility.

From a consumer Perspective

CGMP standards provide the consumer with a level of protection. You can be sure that you’re taking the correct dose even though the product is homeopathic.

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